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myVPL, INC. is a boutique tech company, launched Q2 '13 in southern California.

myVPL provides innovative products and services enabling individuals to achieve increased digital privacy and information security using custom web server applications for personal computers and mobile devices — with a commitment to providing secure, distraction-free online environments for effective communications.

myVPL servers are located in a SOC 2 Certified and PCI Compliant secured data center in Los Angeles, CA. All services are running on dedicated servers and all application user data passes through and is stored only within myVPL's private network which is handled with the highest integrity and attention to data security.

myVPL does NOT sell user data and it has no affiliation with companies for analytics, data archiving or activity tracking. In addition, myVPL doesn't permit search engines to crawl and index the applications as web bots and other data scrapers are not allowed. The platforms do NOT use Analytics so users don't have to be concerned about opting out.

The founder Derek Boisse has a unique background evolving from a childhood computer enthusiast (in 1983 he got his hands on a Commodore 64, then a hex editor for tinkering with code... the fun began) to a career path providing cutting-edge Telecommunications and Data Center solutions from a technology real estate, data center development and colocation provider perspective; with his career in tech beginning in 2000 at a technology real estate development firm in L.A., over the years he has obtained a multi-hat mix of experience.

Our Services Include:

  • Providing electronic communications over a computer network whereby the network connection of the user of a web server application remains secure via the use of HTTPS

  • Computer services for providing secure real time electronic transmission of encrypted data over computer and mobile communications networks

  • Providing a secured-access, members only website featuring technology that gives members the ability to search public records in order to validate a person's identity information

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